Creepy Travel: Would you go into Jacob’s Well?


Perusing the internet this morning, and I came across an amazing site; a very old natural well, that is filled with water, with a shaft that dives deep into the earth.  Jacob’s Well, as it’s called, has no visible bottom, … Continue reading

Use your technology to de-stress!

stressMany parents are already preparing for back to school. Some children will need afterschool care, and some kids are heading to college, so the dorm room has to be outfitted properly.These things take time. Back to school is always a crazy time of year.  Demands are suddenly pressing, traffic picks up (or should I say jams up), and everyone in the family needs something new.  

Someone once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” Why not tap into that magic, by using technology to make yourself more time, make life easier, and allow it to help you de-stress?

  Check out my tips for letting technology help you chill out.


Amazing Places: A Vanished Waterfall and a Hidden Waterfall in Washington

River valley above the falls.

It was once the largest waterfall, ever in the world, but today it’s a massive dry cliff. Dry Falls Washington is just one of the amazing sights we visited on a roadtrip through Washington state. The other very cool hidden … Continue reading

Review: Roof Rack Tents are the COOLEST New Way to Camp in Comfort & Safety

Treeline Outdoors tents.

  It was the groaning and snorting that woke Chad Kendrick and his fiancée  in the middle of the night while camping.    The unmistakable sound of a hungry bear rustling through their campsite. Inside a flimsy tent, they quickly realized … Continue reading