My Favourite Places in Palm Springs California 4 -Palm Desert Edition!


Have you ever traveled to a place that instantly felt like home?  A place where you feel like you could live and be comfortable from day one?  Palm Springs is that place for me.  I get to the desert cities … Continue reading

Misfit Shine Fitness and Activity Monitor – Review


The Misfit Shine is a sleek and chic fitness monitor and activity band that can be both worn on the wrist, talked into a sock or sports bra, or tucked neatly into one of the beautiful accessory pieces of jewelry … Continue reading

‘Basis Peak’ Activity, Fitness and Heart Rate Monitor Review

basis peak

Basis Peak is a sports and fitness watch with built-in activity monitor and heart rate monitor. The watch comes in both black and white, and the model I tested (black) has a very subtle white-on-black display, that’s very easy to … Continue reading

Home Automation with WeMo! Review

wemo house

Home automation used to be the stuff of mansions, tycoons and futuristic films and cartoons.  No more.  Now it’s easy and relatively inexpensive to adopt easy home automation features into your house. What can you do with home automation ? … Continue reading

5 Top Fitness Wearables & Trackers

fitbit flex lots

You’ve probably got at least one friend or coworker who wears one; a fitness band, pedometer, step counter, heart rate monitor or clip. You may have wondered why they’re so great and what they can do for you. In short … Continue reading

Smart Home gadgets you NEED now


There’s so much we can do to get our homes running smarter.  There’s any number of products that will do things for you automatically, or examples where once inaccessible technology can now be yours at home. Everything from automating your … Continue reading

This Epic Luggage Will Change the Way you Travel Forever (No, it really will!)

trunkster airport

It’s not too often I get blown away by something that lands in my inbox, but the Trunkster Zipperless Luggage has done that.  Just about wrapped up on Kickstarter, the company has definitely made it’s goal and then some, and … Continue reading

Favourite Places in Palm Springs California 3; off the beaten path again


Every time I go to Palm Springs and area, I find new things to love.  Yes, you can do all the basic touristy stuff, like head to the Living Desert, climb to the top of a mountain on the Aerial … Continue reading