We Want VIDEO! The Draw of the “Pitch Drop”

Ever heard of the Pitch Drop? Probably not.

It’s possibly the world’s slowest experiment, and one cursed with some poor timing and maybe a bit of bad luck.  But people all over the world are checking it out on livestream, in hopes of being one of the few who have ever witnessed this event.


What is it?  It’s a live shot of a solid you can smash with a hammer, that is actually a liquid, that takes about 12 years–TWELVE YEARS–to drip just once.

No one has actually seen the drip, drop.

A camera installed in the year 2000 failed at the critical moment, and the drip detached unseen by human eyes, again.

So now, with three cameras unblinking at every angle, what will be just the 9th pitch drip in about 80 plus years is imminent.  And  the  live webcam means it’s no longer just up to the lonely professor overseeing the experiment to bear witness to this event.

Waiting for the pitch to drop
Waiting for the pitch to drop

How many people are tuning in?  The University of Queensland tells me last Friday’s visits to the PD page (Feb 14th, yes, Valentine’s Day, randomly selected as an example) peaked at 18,111 page views.  14,958 of those were unique page views.  In one day.  To watch a drip–potentially, maybe, but not very likley–let go.

Proof positive that video on your website–any video– is a draw.

Check out the Pitch Drop Livestream HERE

 Check out the Pitch Drop Livestream here.

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