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‘Basis Peak’ Activity, Fitness and Heart Rate Monitor Review

Basis Peak is a sports and fitness watch with built-in activity monitor and heart rate monitor. The watch comes in both black and white, and the model I tested (black) has a very subtle white-on-black display, that’s very easy to read, yet not super glaring and in your face.  If that beautiful display has a…

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Home Automation with WeMo! Review

Home automation used to be the stuff of mansions, tycoons and futuristic films and cartoons.  No more.  Now it’s easy and relatively inexpensive to adopt easy home automation features into your house. What can you do with home automation ? From controlling your thermostat, door locks, light bulbs, light switches, sockets or plugs and even…

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5 Top Fitness Wearables & Trackers

You’ve probably got at least one friend or coworker who wears one; a fitness band, pedometer, step counter, heart rate monitor or clip. You may have wondered why they’re so great and what they can do for you. In short they’re ultra-smart, ultra portable monitors that can give you information on things like how much…

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