LugLoc Luggage Tracker finds your lost suitcases

lugloc22I’ve lost my luggage once, and almost lost it once more, so I think luggage trackers are genius.

Luggage tracking devices (there are different ones on the market. Read about TrakDot here) are usually small iPod-sized devices that you switch on, pop into your bag, and they will show up on a smartphone app if they go missing (or if you just want to follow your bag’s travels at whim).

How LugLoc works

IMG_6620LugLoc uses a rechargeable battery that can be re-juiced using a USB cable. It needs charging before the first use, then you just switch it on, tuck your little insurance policy inside your bag, and hit the road.

I used the LugLoc on a trip from Alberta to Ontario.  Fortunately, my bag made it safe and sound, but that’s the thing with luggage tracking devices; you’ll probably almost never need them, but when you do, you’ll be glad you have it.  LugLoc knows this, so it only charges you when you use their system to trace your device; every time a location request is sent, a trace is used. If you buy LugLoc through the company’s website, it comes with 15 days of unlimited traces from the moment you first activate the device. You can purchase more through the App or through There are no activation or membership fees. LugLoc also comes with Bluetooth so you can also check the location of your luggage when in Bluetooth range.

So what happens if you lose your bag? The biggest problem as far as I’m concerned is that the airline often has no idea where your lost bag is, or how long it will take to return it to you.  That’s where the LugLoc can help. The battery will last over 15 days while in “on” mode (assuming a full charge at the outset) so you can give them a pretty big helping hand. The location of your luggage will be displayed in a map view within the LugLoc App.

LugLoc doesn’t use GPS, but like similar tracking devices, it uses cellular GSM-GPRS technology, which is usually cheaper, and smaller. GPS requires open areas to operate so LugLoc says it’s not ideal for airport locations.

lugloc3Is it worth it? Who’d need this?

It’s all about insurance.  This is the kind of device you’ll only need when you need it.  You’ll probably take dozens of trips with your LugLoc stashed carefully in your bag and never have it go massing, but the one time you don’t have this device, is the one time you’ll need it. If you travel with expensive gear, like camera equipment, golf or sports gear, or irreplaceable sales samples, this device is something you wouldn’t want to be without. It can save you having to replace goods needlessly. The travel industry thinks people need this device; LugLoc won “2015 PRODUCT INNOVATION AWARD” at the 2015 Travel Goods Show.

Will it get you in trouble?IMG_5109

The question many people have with luggage trackers is, will it interfere with aviation systems?  LugLoc says no, and you can be sure that it if did, this trend would be short lived.

How do I get a LugLoc?

The LugLoc is available for $69 USD/$91 CAD on Amazon and from the company’s website. It comes with 14 days of tracing, and extra traces are $7 for 5.

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