Do you bring your valuable tech and jewelry with you when traveling?


Whether you’re getting ready for a spring break vacation or planning a summer getaway, don’t lose sight of your tiniest travel companions — namely your jewelry.

A recent study by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company found that more than 80 percent of fine jewelry owners will bring their pieces with them when traveling.* The two jewelry items most traveled with are engagement rings and watches. (Though it’s my guess lots of people are traveling with their smart jewelry now too!)Zultanite-Ring-1

“It’s no surprise that people bring their jewelry with them on vacation. Jewelry is part of who you are,” said Trina Woldt, chief marketing officer at Jewelers Mutual. “It’s meant to be worn and enjoyed, not left behind, especially a piece as sentimental as an engagement ring.”

However, Woldt said travelers should take extra precautions when planning their next vacation and encourages them to keep five tips in mind before heading out the door.

Here’s how to minimize risk of jewelry loss, theft or damage.

  1. Choose wisely. Take only the jewelry you’ll actual wear while traveling.
  2. Make a list. Document all the jewelry you’ll take with you, or take pictures or video.
  3. Carry it on. Never put jewelry in checked bags. Instead, wear it or stow it in your carry-on bag.
  4. Use the safe. Always store jewelry in the hotel safe when you’re not wearing it.
  5. Insure it. Get the right coverage before you leave. Look for a jewelry policy that covers loss, damage, theft and mysterious disappearance, and includes worldwide travel protection.

Bora-Bora-Island-6When you arrive at your destination
While the majority of the people surveyed said their jewelry never leaves their body while on vacation, experts at Jewelers Mutual recommend removing your jewelry before certain activities.

“Wearing jewelry in the hot tub or pool could damage certain precious stones and metals,” said Kay Kostelny, Jewelers Mutual’s Jewelry Recovery Specialist.

Kostelny condones leaving jewelry behind when wearing it could put you at a higher risk for damage or loss. When you are not wearing your jewelry, remember that it should be stored somewhere secure, not left on the hotel nightstand, in a purse or even in locked luggage.

According to the Jewelers Mutual survey, the hotel room is the most frequently mentioned area where jewelry is lost.

“These types of losses are preventable,” added Kostelny. “Storing it in the hotel safe is the best option next to wearing your jewelry and keeping it with you at all times.”

-This item has been reprinted from a news release supplied via Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company and Marketwired



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