Making outdoors easy: Gardening Gadgets & App

img_3321Not all of us have green thumbs, but fortunately, technology can help! There are some amazing gadgets that can help make life outdoors easy this summer, plus, we can count on technology to beautify our yards too.

TECH TALK JUNE 2On CTV Tech Talk this month, we looked at a few of these fun and helpful gadget picks.

Fatboy Transloetje Table Lamp

This chic lamp (above) looks like something worthy of a design magazine. Its acrylic form is transparent, allowing you to see the light bulb and electrical workings inside.  It’s operated by using a small, visible touchpad to turn the light on, off and to adjust levels of brightness. It has a rechargeable battery, making it wireless, so it can be used anywhere, including the yard.  Fatboy says it’s waterproof too.

Mpowered Inflatible Solar lanterns

So many creative uses! Blow up these versatile lights and float them in your pool, hang them from trees, or sit them on a table. Without air inside they pack flat, and a small solar panel in the top of the lamp means it’ll recharge all on its own. These are available in white, or colours; where with the touch of a button they can be changed to a variety of LED light colours. Add in the sparkle that’s part of this light, and you’ll create a stunning outdoor atmosphere.

Parrot Flower Power plant sensor

This genius gadget is a small forked spike that you jab into the dirt of your garden, or an indoor or outdoor potted plant. Just tell the stick-shaped gizmo what type of plant it’s watching over, and you’ll get customized reminders to water, add fertilizer, or to move it to a sunnier spot. If you’re always killing plants, this gadget will help you remember to caretake them, and possibly keep them alive much longer.

MiPow Garden smart solar light & candle

Mipow makes very easy to use lighting gadgets that are fun to have around the home (Read about their other lights here)

With the Garden light, you can leave it outside so that it’s constantly recharged by the sun.  Then once it’s at full power, you can control it with your smartphone, adjusting brightness and even changing it to cool colours.

The Candle is battery powered, but it lasts like crazy, thanks to low-energy LED lights.  The candle can provide a candlelight glow, or have it flicker in a variety of colours. It makes a perfect addition to an outdoor dinner table because it can’t be blown out by the wind, but (Fun Fact!) you can blow on the candle to turn it on and off! Plus, you can turn it over and use it to hold real tea lights too.

Best garden ID App! MyGardenAnswers!

Also on Tech Talk I mentioned a great app for identifying plants in your garden; it’s called My Garden Answers (available via the App store or Google Play too). You snap a photo of the plant, leaf or flower, and the database will tell you what it is!  Perfect if you inherited plants or moved into a new space – or if you just want to know the proper names of the things in your garden.img_2916

Winners of this month’s Tech Talk Contest are: Elaine Watt and Jonathan Howes.  CONGRATULATIONS and thanks for watching!


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71 thoughts on “Making outdoors easy: Gardening Gadgets & App

  1. Awesome! I’ve been looking for lighting options for our yard and now I have an idea of what’s good.

  2. I love all of these great gadgets you profiled. All the new technology really does make gardening so much fun … Neat stuff as well as great information. Keyword foxtails.

  3. It was my first time watching Tech Talk and I loved it. Very informative. Thank you.

  4. I love your segments on CTV Morning Live. I am a bit of a tech nut and really enjoy seeing the new gadgets that come out. I would love a chance to win the garden gadget today! The word was “Foxtails”.

  5. I always enjoy the variety of gadgets you bring. Love the app to identify plants – like foxtails!

  6. Loved the segment today as I enjoy gardening and watching things grow and bloom. I especially liked to learn that what I called a chenille plant is actually foxtails.

  7. Erin!
    Without seeing your segment on CTV Morning Live I would have never known that I could get (hopefully win 😉 ) gadgets that could make me even more obsessed with my flowers and plants!

    Where in Calgary carries the Parrot Flower Power Sensor? Cause if I don’t win one, I think I need to go get one!


  8. Hi Erin
    Love the info you provide is awesome!
    The blow up light are really cool!
    I could use them @ my cabin!

  9. I would like to enter to the contest. Great information about the plants. My son and I really enjoyed all the different lights.
    Foxtail 🙂

    Thank you.

  10. Erin!
    Without seeing your segment on CTV Morning Live I would have never known that I could get (hopefully win 😉 ) gadgets that could make me even more obsessed with my flowers and plants!

    Where in Calgary carries the Parrot Flower Power Sensor? Cause if I don’t win one, I think I need to go get one!

    Keyword: Foxtails 🙂

  11. Hi Erin- I never knew there were so many apps and electronic bed gets for the garden! Thanks for an informative segment on CTV. I love the app where you identified the Foxtail in your garden!😊🌺🌾

  12. Such beautiful, useful and cool new technology! Even if I don’t win, I’m going to re-watch this story to find out where to buy some of these items! Great gift ideas… (works well as a prize too!) 😉

  13. I would love to win your Garden gadget today!!! I’m landscaping my whole yard right now, and it would be such a fabulous addition. Thank you for all of the research above. I’m going to look into everything!!! 🙂 word of the day…. Foxtail!!!!! 🙂 Thank you!!!!

  14. Just watched your Gardening Gadgets spot on CTV morning news. What a great segment. All the gadgets are great. The one that I’m definitely going to get is the “My Garden Answers” app as I have so many perennial plants in my garden that I can no longer identify. I may even have some foxtails! Thanks for the great info!

  15. The Parrot Flower Power plant sensor looks very promising. I can’t wait to try it out in my garden. Thanks Erin L!

    Keyword: foxtails

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  25. I’ve enjoyed today’s segment, especially the part about the plant sensor. I can’t wait to try it out in my garden. Thanks Erin!


  26. Your site is awesome, would you be able to notify me where I can purchase some of the inflatable lanterns
    Don McKenna

  27. You are awesome Erin, love your bits on the CTV Morning show.
    Code word is Foxtails !

  28. Thank you for the informational app for flower identity.That will come in so handy cause I always have to ask people what kind of flowers are those and those lol..But I don’t usually have a pen or my phone to take down the name of the plant/flower so I have to ask again..Thank you and have a great summer.

  29. Loved hearing information about all the tech gadgets for the garden. Looking forward to trying out the garden app.

    Keyword: foxtails

  30. I totally enjoyed the information you shared this morning. I need all the help I can get when it comes to gardening. 😊 Thanks


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  31. Just when you think that there can’t possibly be new additions for garden care along comes the fabulous items you featured today! Would definetly be a “with it” grandma to show the grandkids when they come over and see our flower garden ` foxtails` and all!!

  32. Thanks so much for your help in finding this, I’m not the best in technology. I wish to enter the contest, as I stated been through a tough few days, as my husband just passed away, and one of my children is in midst of the “ugly divorce”. “FOXTAILS”. This would be a cheery note to my day. Thanks again.

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    garden answers app…. Love it!

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