Using technology to help your diet – Reviewing Harbour Foods Calgary’s meal delivery

With all the technology that can help you do just about anything these days, I thought it was time to try letting technology help me with food. I love to cook and generally eat healthy, but I’ve recently cut out foods like gluten, starch, grains and sugar to help me feel even better. It’s been a challenge to come up with nutritious meals that are filling and healthy.

harbour meals calgary food delivery crossfitMeal delivery for weight loss & crossfit

When I heard about a new business in the Calgary area that can take all the guesswork out of a specialized diet like the one I’d adopted, I was curious.  Harbour Meals custom makes meals for crossfit athletes, but they also handle food requests from folks that have specific dietary needs — and they deliver days worth of meals to you door.

The experience starts at the company’s website where you can choose the kind of food plan you need.  Though not easy to navigate and decipher, I got good help from owner Jared Salekin who recommended a plan for me. Meals can be customized to nearly any diet or need including base plans for bulking up, or weight loss.

Meals are priced per calorie, which I found a bit confusing. The instructions read “enter the # of calories per day you need, divided by 10, into the ‘quantity’ field – i.e. 2250 calories=225,” but I wasn’t sure what to do or how it all worked.  I eventually figured it out, and noted that 5 days worth of meals (3 meals per day) would cost me about $180. Jared steered me in the direction of a plan which included breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Then the food, all cooked and prepared and proportioned arrived at my door.harbour meals calgary food delivery crossfit

Salekin says it’s a lot of work and math up front for the Harbour team, but they like it.

“We weigh out all of the ingredients that we use for every recipe, we then use a program that allows us to enter all of the weights and it generates the nutritional information. It’s a ton of work but we’re willing to put in the effort so that our clients don’t have to.”

What you get from Harbour Foods

harbour meals calgary food delivery crossfitThe foods are whole and fresh, not processed. (Harbour provided me with 3 squares a day for three days to experience their service and share my experience. They did not ask for nor receive permission to approve my review.) I was also given a ‘meal map’ that lays out what I would eat on any given day.  My meals included wrap-free chicken fajitas with guacamole, salads, roasted veggies, bacon and veggie scrambles, cauliflower fried rice with shrimp, and more.

The food was delivered to me personally by Salekin. It arrived in reusable plastic containers, clearly labelled and stacked in a reusable shopping bag. Salekin says they reuse containers and bags whenever possible. While it probably helps keep costs for this fledgling business down, Salekin also points out it’s good for the environment.harbour meals calgary food delivery crossfit

I liked the good variety of dishes and almost everything I ate was tasty, filling and delicious enough that I’d order it again. On a couple of days it was a struggle for me to finish all the food I’d been assigned for my 1600 calorie limit.

 Meals with technology – MyFitness pal compatible

The technology built into harbour’s service is neat too; special bar codes on each food container can be scanned using the popular MyFitnessPal app so your food intake can be accurately tracked and even shared with your trainer, nutritionist or doctor.

If you’re looking to kickstart to a weight loss or training plan, letting someone else handle your food planning can make things ultra easy. Depending on what your budget allows, getting a few days or a few weeks of meals can take all the guesswork out of getting healthier. I enjoyed my Harbour Meals experience and would consider doing a meal plan again.

For more information, you can check out Harbour Meals’ website.

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