CTV Tech Talk Dash Cameras

This time on CTV Tech talk we looked at a variety of dash cameras.

To read more on how to choose a dash camera read our blog on dashcam basics here.

To enter to win one of today’s three prizes, please scroll down.

The cameras we featured on Tech Talk are:

Papago GoSafe 760

papago gosafe 760 dash camera dashcamThis camera has a front-facing and rear-facing camera so you’ve always got a look at what’s happening around you. Check out the full review of this dashcam here.

Thinkware X350

thinkware dash camera x350 dashcam bestThe Thinkware HD lets you connect your smartphone to your dashcam using Wifi.  it’s got some other cool features too. Read the full review here.

Cobra Drive HD

dash cam why tips dash cameraCobra has two dashcam options; a front-only camera and a front and rear option. The camera’s compact size helps keep it out of the way of your field of vision, while the suction mount lets you move it around as you need to.

Full review of the Cobra cameras coming soon.


thinkware dash camera x350 dashcam best golukThis tiny lipstick-sized camera doesn’t have a viewing screen, but it does have Wi-Fi connectivity. Our full review of the Goluk camera is coming so check back soon.

Want to enter to win one of the dash cameras we featured?

**CLOSED**CONTEST – Win 1 of 2 Cobra Drive HD dashcams or a Thinkware X350 dashcam!

***CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – Congratulations to Gary Williamson, David McAllister and Joanne Rasmussen all of Calgary on their wins. ***To enter, please write a (preferably nice!) comment in the comments section below and don’t forget to use one of today’s keywords. *Please note you must be able to come to CTV Calgary studios to pick up your prize.

You may enter today until midnight. Contest closes at 11:59pm MT Tuesday September 12th, 2017. One entry per person. Duplicate/additional entries on the same day will be discarded.

The Fine Print:
Winner must be able to come to CTV Calgary studios in SW Calgary to pick up their prize within 30 days.

I’ll get in touch with the winner via email. Winner must respond to my email within 48 hours. If I do not receive a response/acknowledgement of the win, your entry is forfeited/discarded and I’ll redraw under same 48 hour timeframe until I get a winner to acknowledge.

I’ll pick one winner at random from among all the website entries. Only 1 entry per person, per day please; duplicate entries will be discarded.
Contest closes at 11:59pm MT Tuesday September 12th, 2017. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. Not valid in Quebec.
1 winner will receive 1 Cobra Drive HD dash camera, 1 winner will receive 1 Cobra Drive HD Dual camera Dashcam kit and 1 winner will receive a Thinkware X350 Dashcam.

Erinlyyc.com bears no responsibility for prizes not delivered, delayed or misdirected, or not claimed after 30 days. Prize has no cash value.

Winner’s name(s) Will be posted to this website and/or social media after the drawing.
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150 thoughts on “CTV Tech Talk Dash Cameras

  1. Thank you Erin for all your hard work! You take the guess work out of things and it’s nice that the pro’s and con’s of a product in the top brands are all in one spot! You’re the best!

  2. I’ve actually been thinking about getting one of these for a while. COBRA and THINKWARE will definitely be on the list to check out.

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  4. I enjoyed the review on CTV news this morning. I’ve been looking to get a dashcam for quite some time and your have helped tremendously with the decision.


  5. Thanks for the info on the COBRA and THINKWARE materials! Always good to protect yourself with some good technology!

  6. Another great segment on Cobra and Thinkware etc. Dashcams. I keep telling myself I need to get one for my truck. Keep up the good work!

  7. Great segment! I would love to try out the thinkware or the cobra, I’ve never tried a dashcam but this made me want to!

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  9. Great story! Been looking at dash cams for some time. Would love to win the “Cobra”or “Thinkware”.

  10. Hi Erin – great segment on Thinkware and Cobra dash cams today. Hadn’t really thought about one but these seem really easy. Thanks!

  11. Really enjoyed your segment on dash cameras this morning. I would love to have one of these. I am a senior female and the sole driver as my husband had a stroke. I would feel more comfortable backing put of our driveway if I had a rear view camera. Thank you. Have a great day. Key word. Cobra

  12. Thanks for a quick summary regarding the dash cams. I’ve been wanting to investigate further, but didn’t know where to start. Now, I can do more research on the Cobra and or Thinkware. 🙂 Take care Erin.

  13. Having been involved in some instances with other vehicles, I would love to have something like the Cobra or Thinkware in my vehicle. Great, informative information this morning! Thank you

  14. Thanks for explaining things so clearly and consisly. I’m a tech phobe, and always get so flustered and feel so dumb when having to buy tech ware in the store. With your blog and explanations…I feel much more prepared and in charge…and not so dumb! 😀

    1. Thanks for explaining things so clearly and consisly. I’m a tech phobe, and always get so flustered and feel so dumb when having to buy tech ware in the store. With your blog and explanations…I feel much more prepared and in charge…and not so dumb. Sorry getting flustered again, forgot: Cobra & Thinkware!

  15. Hi Erin,

    I saw your segment on CTV Morning which included the Cobra and Thinkware dashcameras. Thank you for showing off some of the many options. It really helps to narrow down the choice of which dashcam to get!

  16. I was so happy to see this review of dash cams this morning on CTV. I’ve interested in getting one for some time. Thank you Erin for suggesting dash cams like Cobra and Thinkware. 👍

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  18. Great segment this morning, I’ve been looking at a dash cam for a while. It looks like the cobra could be the one for me, but I also like the wifi connected ones.

  19. Hello Erin. Very relevant review. Nicely done! Review show the key features ppl should consider like video looping and auto on and off. I would love to win the “Thinkware” as it’s got some cool features like Wi-Fi connection.

  20. Always look forward to your spots on the morning news. Very informative information on the latest technology! Especially like the Thinkware 350.

  21. Erin thanks for the dashcam info . Your synopses save me time by focusing my purchase research on top brands & my price range

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    Cobra and Thinkware will be two dash cams I’ll keep my eyes on.

  26. Good segment on CTV this morning. I never considered someone trying to scam you like that motorcyclist and his/her friend. I’ll definitely be looking more into the Cobra and Thinkware products.

  27. Thank you it was a great start for me. I have been wanting to get a camera system but didnt know much about them. Both the cobra and thinkware look likr great products

  28. keywords: cobra & thinkware:
    thank you for showcasing the cameras on CTV this morning. I would think all automakers would have these cameras installed in all newer vehicles for safety’s sake at least.

  29. Enjoyed the segment today as I’ve been thinking of getting a dash cam 🙂 I drive around the city all day (incl some hgwy time) and don’t believe what I see!!! Thanks for your research. Saving up for one with Think ware technology!

  30. You did a great job this morning on CTV! I enjoyed navigating your website, it is easy to use and full of great information. I am interested in the Cobra and Thinkware models!

  31. Great breakdown on all of the dash cams. Whoever is lucky enough to win either the Cobra or Thinkware unit, will have us all very envious.
    Some of the stuff we all see on the road is almost unbelievable when we tell our stories. Now, at least 2 of us will have some proof of our tales. Lol

  32. Never thought about a dash cam providing proof in an accident of who is at fault. Really makes me feel having one would be beneficial. Cobra and Thinkware look like amazing products!

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    The keywords are: COBRA or THINKWARE

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    Re:cobra / thinkware

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  40. Nice thing to have when in accident.Good presentation this morning Erin.Thank You.COBRA (was the name of my Military Police Unit-66 Combat Unit Cobra)and THINKWARE

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    Cobra and Thinkware!

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    Cobra and Thinkware are brands we will consider.

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    I have seen some people with dash cams in their cars. I never really appreciated the benefits of one until listening to your CTV report. Both the COBRA and THINKWARE units looked very interesting. Thank you for the information.


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  48. Very interesting information today on CTV Calgary. Would love to win a
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  49. I have been thinking about getting a dashcam for some time, and Erin’s segment on this mornings show helped explain a lot of the various features that I need to think about before buying. Both the Cobra and Thinkware cameras seem to be great products, I’ll just have to decide what features I actually need.

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  62. Good Morning Erin. Great timing for reviewing dash cams. I have been trying to figure out the various models on the market. Cobra sounds like a terrific one! Love the segments that you do on CTV. I finally signed up for your blog so I don’t miss all you have to share. Have a great day.

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    1. It was very helpful this morning to hear the explanation about your great COBRA and THINKWARE products.. For a while I have considered purchasing such items for my vehicle, particularly because of the inappropriate driving that seems to be increasing. I didn’t realize where to start looking. I know now! Thanks.

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  73. The city should make dashcam mandatory for all vehicles. Thanks for your products! They’re very useful on the road.

  74. Very interesting information about dash cams this morning on CTV news. I have been thinking about them but didn’t know which ones to look at, and now I do.
    Thank You

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  76. Pleasure watching over breakfast in the morning before work. Always learn. Thought would like the Thinkware x350 but cannot stream live and record at the same time. So would likely pick Cobra then, the suction and small size works well. Would probably take either one though, as haven’t been able to buy a camera suitable for the dash yet! Anyway really, super time and well done in the morning.

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  78. Thanks for the review. The Cobra products look great. I currently use the Thinkware F50 forward facing with no screen and appreciate the low profile. I will be upgrading to accommodate a rear facing one as well due to the reasons you mentioned on the show. Cheers

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  80. Saw your segment this morning and was impressed with the dash cams and rear cameras. I never thought it would be something I would use but your demonstration videos about all the products including Cobra and Thinkware have me thinking differently. I do see a practical need and am surprised how affordable they are. Keep up the segments on Techtalk, I’ve gotten a lot of great gift ideas from them for my tech savvy family! Being from the Baby Boomer Generation, I appreciate feeling “in the know” and have even impressed my family members with information you have provided!

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    Thank you!

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    My wife and I truly enjoy your Tech Talks and thank you for introducing us to all the wonderful gadget’s. A dashcam has been on my gift list for sometime, so to win one would be great!


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