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LIFX smart light bulbs & Z light strip review

Adding colour and ambiance to your home has never been easier. Smart app-controlled light bulbs can give your house a whole new look. One of the original smart light companies, LIFX, has recently released a new generation of smart light bulbs. Here’s my review…

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Travel gadgets – CTV Tech Talk

This time on CTV Tech Talk we looked at travel gadgets that are perfect for the holiday season, like smart luggage, a conencted travel mug and a device that’ll keep you entertained on the road.

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G-RO Smart Luggage Review

G-ro gro luggacge smart charging luggage review airline ban

Smart luggage is growing in popularity. With charging built in + tracking and a ballistic nylon design G-RO promises to change the way you travel. Read the review.

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Blackberry Motion smartphone review

Blackberry motion smartphone review

Blackberry has released yet another iteration of its new generation of smartphones. But the Blackberry Motion has some differences from its predecessors: this time, there’s no physical keyboard. How does the phone perform overall? Our review

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Ember smart travel mug review

ember travel smart mug review

Cold coffee sucks.  Almost as much as Mondays.  When I heard there’s a new gadget that can keep your coffee at the perfect temperature, I knew I had to try it.  I’m often up hours before the sun and need my coffee kick to get me going. The Ember mug is a rechargeable insulated travel…

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