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Google Home vs Amazon Echo: which should you pick?

google home vs amazon echo review how to best

If you’re in Canada, you’ve really got only two choices when it comes to a personal digital assistant or smart speaker: There’s Google Home and Amazon Echo. But how to choose?
They go head to head in this comparison. Only one is victorious.

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Google Pixel Buds headphones review

google pixel buds headphones review

When the Pixel2 smartphone launched it was revealed it had no aux jack for headphones, so naturally, Google needed a pair of headphones that would fill the gap. Pixel Buds are Google’s semi-wireless headphones.

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LIFX smart light bulbs & Z light strip review

Adding colour and ambiance to your home has never been easier. Smart app-controlled light bulbs can give your house a whole new look. One of the original smart light companies, LIFX, has recently released a new generation of smart light bulbs. Here’s my review…

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Travel gadgets – CTV Tech Talk

This time on CTV Tech Talk we looked at travel gadgets that are perfect for the holiday season, like smart luggage, a conencted travel mug and a device that’ll keep you entertained on the road.

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