DEWALT phone built rugged & tough to take abuse on job sites

Smartphones are often delicate pieces of technology.  The glass screens and thin metal casings may look pretty, but they’re not suited to some industries or locations like a construction site. Now DEWALT, known for its power tool line has come out with an Android phone that’s built so tough it doesn’t even need a case. The DEWALT MD501 also has a host of other features that are designed for job sites. Continue reading “DEWALT phone built rugged & tough to take abuse on job sites”

China is building the world’s largest radio telescope

telescopeAre we alone in the universe? A massive new project in China aims to find out. The five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) in Pingtang County, China is under construction and it will soon be listening for radio signals from planets solar systems across the far reaches of the universe. Radio signals could mean signs of other life in the vastness of space.

When it’s completed in September 2016, this giant antenna will be the size of about 30 soccer fields.

[ChinaFotoPress/Stringer via Getty Images]

Sonim proves to me their ultra heavy duty cell phones can take abuse

Sonim makes what they call “the world’s toughest phones”.  Brand new to Canada, they brought a few of their “virtually indestructable” phones to the CTV studios for an episode of Tech Talk for us to test them out and see what they mean.


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