D-Link Omna home security camera review

Home security is more important than ever, but so is general home surveillance. Need to know if the kids got home on time? If the gardener got the lawn cut or not, or if strangers have been creeping round the house?  Continue reading “D-Link Omna home security camera review”

4 Ways to Connect Your Home & Make Life Better


It doesn’t take much to kick your home’s connectivity into high gear. You probably already have WiFi, so what about taking things to the next level? A high-powered router, or a camera to keep watch on the kids, the dog; security can be great additions.  But even small add-ons like a set of wireless speakers can save you trouble, hook ups and clutter when it comes to entertaining or relaxing. And Wireless TV from Google on a thumb-drive? … don’t even get me started.  Click here to read the FULL article: 4 Ways to Connect Your Home & Make Life Better