Foreo espada blue light laser led acne zit treatment

Foreo Espada Review – Blue Light Acne Treatment

By Courtney Ketchen / September 16, 2017 / Comments Off on Foreo Espada Review – Blue Light Acne Treatment

 Anyone dealing with acne knows what a curse it is to manage. But a new product from skin care company FOREO aims to “light the way to perfectly clear skin”. The FOREO Espada is a Blue light acne treatment which the company says works fast and effectively to clear blemishes with the double power of…

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5 beauty gadgets you need now

By Erin L / October 11, 2016 / Comments Off on 5 beauty gadgets you need now

This month on CTV Tech Talk we looked at Beauty Gadgets. Dyson Supersonic hair dryer The hype around this beauty gadget has been phenomenal.  Dyson, best known for its bagless, superstrong vacuums and bladeless fans, has taken its years of technology and knowledge and made it fit in the palm of your hand. The Dyson…

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Review: Clarisonic Smart Profile face brush

By Erin L / October 3, 2016 / 4 Comments

Can a vibrating face brush improve your skin health, or is it just a gimmick? I test out the Clarisonic Smart Profile Brush and run the results by a doctor.

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Foreo Luna and Issa: hands on reviews of 2 Beauty Gadgets

By Erin L / May 17, 2016 / 3 Comments

Ultrasonic technology is big in beauty right now. The subtle vibrations are said to help shake dirt and impurities from your skin and even help clean your teeth. I had the chance to test out two ultrasonic beauty gadgets; the Foreo Issa toothbrush and the Luna face brush. Scroll to the bottom for an update…

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