Gadgets & gear to beat the heat – CTV Tech Talk

By Erin L / July 11, 2017 / 79 Comments

Summer is in full swing and it’s been stinkin’ hot. That’s why this month’s Tech Talk TV segment focused on gadgets and gear to beat the heat.

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The backpack you need for work – Targus accessories

By Erin L / June 18, 2017 / 2 Comments

Whether it’s the bus, train or even Uber, sometimes commuting can be a pain. You need to be well armed when you head out for the day; all your papers and gear, your technology and devices, and maybe even lunch thrown in for good measure. Having the right accessories —and the best way to carry…

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samsung gear s3 watch

Samsung Gear S3 smart watch review

By Erin L / May 19, 2017 / Comments Off on Samsung Gear S3 smart watch review

Thinking about getting a smart watch and don’t know what you should pick? Some of it depends on which smartphone platform you already use, but Samsung’s new Gear S3 smart watch is out. Though it’s tailor made for Android users, Apple owners aren’t totally left out. Read the review.

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samsung gear iconx wireless earbuds headphones erinlyyc

Samsung Gear IconX wireless earbuds review

By Erin L / January 29, 2017 / Comments Off on Samsung Gear IconX wireless earbuds review

Until now truly wireless earbuds have been a bit of a myth. ‘Wireless’ has meant that the phones will connect with Bluetooth, so they don’t need a connector between the phone and your device, but they often come with a wire connecting the left to right earbud. While that’s been an ok option, some people…

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Gorgeous fitness, activity & smart gadgets

By Erin L / May 9, 2016 / 38 Comments

For many years, fitness and activity trackers were utilitarian, rubbery and, let’s face it, sometimes ugly. Now, a whole new generation of fitness and activity trackers, plus other smart devices have the look of fine jewelry, with all the smart functionality you need! Fitbit’s new trackers Meet Fitbit Alta The Alta is the fashionista version…

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8 Great Gadgets & Toys for Camping

By Erin L / July 13, 2015 / Comments Off on 8 Great Gadgets & Toys for Camping

Summer is camping season, and there’s nothing better than getting out to the mountains, or the badlands. This month on Tech Talk on CTV, we’re showing you both high-tech and low-tech gadgets to make roughing it more enjoyable. Watch the Video by clicking here! I’ve blogged previously on each of these gadgets, but I’ll put…

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Cool New Camping Gear!

By Erin L / July 4, 2015 / Comments Off on Cool New Camping Gear!

You can usually find me testing out the latest gadgets and high tech gear.  But this time, some of the new gear I got that I’m most excited about isn’t as high-tech as I’m used to.  I love it nonetheless and want to share. First up, this awesome Stanley French Press Coffee Kit I got…

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BioLite’s cooking and camping gear charges devices and may blow your mind

By Erin L / May 23, 2015 / 1 Comment

I’m forever sourcing out new camping gear. Every time I pack up, I realize how much duplication we have, how heavy or unwieldy some of our items are, or that we often bring things we just don’t need. So when I read about BioLite, I was intrigued. The company develops and manufactures what it dubs,…

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Amazing and Chic Wood Accessories for your High Tech Gadgets

By Erin L / November 22, 2014 / Comments Off on Amazing and Chic Wood Accessories for your High Tech Gadgets

There’s a new trend I’ve noticed in accessories for your high tech devices; they are going much more rugged and raw.  Wood is all the rage right now when it comes to cases, covers and gadgets.  Read all about it below, or watch the segment on CTV News by clicking here. (You’ll be redirected to…

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Your Camper is a Wimpy Baby, Compared to the Powerful Swiss-Army-Style UEV-440

By Erin L / May 13, 2014 / Comments Off on Your Camper is a Wimpy Baby, Compared to the Powerful Swiss-Army-Style UEV-440

It’s official.  I may just give up my tent.  But not for any ordinary camper.  The UEV-440 is the ultimate Urban Escape Vehicle. “The UEV-440 is a true Jack of all trades, it offers the maneuverability and capability of a camper trailer as well as caravan benefits such as a hard roof, sides and floor,”…

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