Virtual reality Coldplay concert with Samsung Gear VR

By Erin L / August 20, 2017 / 2 Comments

I’ve always thought virtual reality is something for teenage boys, and gamers. The appeal to a middle aged woman like me has been limited up to now. But thanks to Samsung, I’m starting to see the promise of virtual reality and how it can be expanded from gaming to real life applications.

I had a chance this week to attend a concert in Chicago, but I never left my house. I got to watch it with a glass of my favourite wine, on my favourite chair, and with no pushing, shoving crowds.

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New Gadgets & Tech – LIVE from CES

By Erin L / January 12, 2016 / Comments Off on New Gadgets & Tech – LIVE from CES

This month on CTV Tech Talk, I was live in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. I showed off some new connected gadgets that are unique and unusual. Click here to watch.  

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What’s Meerkat? Why do you need it?

By Erin L / March 28, 2015 / Comments Off on What’s Meerkat? Why do you need it?

By now you’ve at least heard of Meerkat and possibly wondered what everyone was so excited about. In short, Meerkat is an app that gives you the ability to send live video to the world via Twitter. It’s like opening the curtains of your home and showing the whole neighbourhood what’s happening in your living…

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