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Tree tents – Reviewing Tentsile Connect suspension tent

By Erin L / July 22, 2017 / 1 Comment

I’d first seen this futuristic space age style tent on someone’s Instagram post. It was slung in an impossibly strange place hovering over a body of water, strapped inexplicably to some trees. It was a tent, but looked like a type of hovering spacecraft. I had to know more about what this crazy contraption was.

I learned eventually that what I saw was a Tensile tent and ever since I’ve been dying to give one a try.

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Mpowerd inflatable lamp is fun & versatile

By Erin L / July 29, 2016 / Comments Off on Mpowerd inflatable lamp is fun & versatile

When we’re spending more time outdoors, decorating our outside space can be fun. Whether you’re chilling in your backyard, or camping in the wilderness, you can spice up your space with a solar powered space saving lantern, like this one from Mpowerd. The Luci light comes flat-packed; you blow it up with lung power, then…

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Napier Sportz Truck-bed Tent Review

By Erin L / July 14, 2016 / Comments Off on Napier Sportz Truck-bed Tent Review

Getting out of the city, away from the job and into the outdoors can really make you feel relaxed. That’s why I love camping. I can turn off my mobile, light a fire, and sit and contemplate the stars. I’ve been a tenter from the beginning; no fancy RV’s for me! I’ve had a couple…

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