Review: Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link fan, heater & air purifyer

We’re having a heatwave where I am.  Typically here no one has air conditioning because it doesn’t usually get hot enough for long enough to justify it for most families. But when conditions do change and it gets up to 34°C or 94°F, something must be done.

Fortunately for me a demo model of the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link arrived for testing and this review a few days before the worst of the heat. Continue reading “Review: Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link fan, heater & air purifyer”

Volcanos, National Parks & world-class cities – a 16-day camping road trip

map trip

85 hours in a vehicle isn’t everyone’s idea of a great vacation.  I spent 15 days driving from Calgary to San Francisco this summer and saw some amazing sights, several national parks and forests, climbed a volcano, ate amazing food in San Fran, hung out with hipsters and saw some baseball. Plus we survived having the sprinklers turned on at our campsite in a local city campground in Washington, and saw stars and the milky way in a night sky devoid of and light bleed from big cities.

Watch the blog for stories about some of these amazing places and experiences over the next weeks; there are some stunningly beautiful, fascinating and interesting places across the US northwest and Canada.