Heads Up display review: You’ll love Hudway Glass but hate its partner apps

We may not have self driving cars yet, but there are other ways to improve and streamline the driving experience. I recently received a sample of Hudway Glass. This compact plexiglass panel allows you to turn your smartphone into a heads-up display for your car. Continue reading “Heads Up display review: You’ll love Hudway Glass but hate its partner apps”

Product Face-Off: Testing out Medium Coverage Foundations

I need a light foundation, and mineral powders have been my go-to for years.  I break out madly at the first sign of a heavy or liquid foundation, so mineral powders have been my savior. But sometimes, you want a bit of a glow, or a bit more coverage for a special night out, a photo day, or just when you’re having a bad skin day, am I right?

So I hit up Sephora and asked what’s new in foundation technology.  I was pleasantly surprised to find: LOTS.  I asked to  test out  4 new products that–at my request– would give me either great layering ability with my existing powder foundation, or medium coverage on their own.  I spent about three weeks testing out each of the choices below, giving each sample a minimum of 4 days use.  Here’s the results.

Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 Illuminator:

stilaThis was the one I was most excited to try, as it came with the promise of an illuminated Hollywood complexion, according to the Sephora associate who helped me.  It’s tinted, so it provides a bit more coverage, and as Stila’s website promises, “Uses the smallest particle size of coated pigments for seamless, smooth coverage, and  Illuminates and primes the skin for a lit-from-within glow”.  I don’t know how “glowy” I felt, but it did seem to provide a nice smooth, evenly coloured base.  I didn’t end up feeling greasy later in the day. While it gave me a nice base, it wasn’t particularly good at helping to colour redness or blotchiness, so a concealer was definitely required.  I also tried this layered with my regular daytime foundation PurePressed Mineral Foundation by Jane Iredale.  That definitely added to the coverage, and it layered well together. Trouble with this one is that by the end of the day my skin felt greasy, and my fingers came away greasy when i touched my skin.  While I did like the subtle sheen from this product, I didn’t care for the oilyness.




Tarte BB Tinted Moisturizer:

tarte bb1068Made with Amazonian clay, Tarte says this is “a light-to-medium coverage, oil-free tinted moisturizer that delivers a natural, sheer finish to revitalize all skin types. ”  Tarte says their products are made without “parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate and gluten.” This moisturizer seemed to have the most tint to it and it was quite thick.  It went on easily and covered well.  But like many other of these lighter options, it did absolutely nothing to tone down any redness. Compared to the other foundations in this test, it had the most natural looking colour against my skin. It lasted through the day quite well and didn’t leave me feeling or looking greasy.  I also see Tarte makes an Illumicating version of this cream, so I definitely plan to try it too.







Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker:

matchmakerThis foundation is the magician of the bunch.  It is pure white in the bottle, and looks like your basic moisturizer.  It goes on white, but as you rub it in, it changes colour to exactly match your skin tone.  It was actually pretty amazing.  It appeared to match my skin quite well, and went on easily.  I found it a bit gritty, oddly.  But a very fine grit.  I don’t know if this is because I’m using a sample and it may be drying out faster, or if that’s part of the formula.   I found it game me good coverage, and stayed put well all day, without giving me a case of the late afternoon ‘greasies’.   I also tested this one layered with my regular day foundation and it does help build coverage nicely.  Concealer was still necessary for the red areas however. I tried this one on another couple of days, and found if I used a bit more product, it covered better, and it left my skin with a nice matte finish, and no greasy-face. The cream does seem to be grainy, especially as my sample dried out, but it rubs in quickly enough, and goes on smooth and left the most natural looking finish.




Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream:

smashboxThe thickest product of the bunch, this one stayed put in the sample tube because it was so thick.  It glides on nicely, and provides good coverage, perhaps even a bit better coverage than average over red spots.  An end of the day swipe with blotting papers, revealed only the barest of traces of oil/greasiness.  The coverage and colour stayed put quite well, and seem fairly matte.  This product seemed to provide the most coverage when layered, and made me feel like I had a good solid foundation base when it and the Jane were on together.

I really liked this one straight from the tube.    The cream feels thicker than some other tinted moisturizers I tried (ie Jane Iredale) and went on feeling thick but silky smooth.  It gave decent, if light, coverage, but didn’t cover up any redness.  What I DID like about it though was it worked as a lovely base, so when I layered my powder foundation over top, it gave a nice even finish.  It definitely stayed put all day, but when I used a blotting paper at the end of the day my face was quite oily. However it didn’t LOOK oily; my face was as matte and finished as when I applied the cream.  That I really liked.  The formula is very thick, and gives good coverage especially over the red areas.  I tried it over a few days and it definitely lasts all day without getting oily-feeling, though my key complaint about this one is the colour seems a bit off for my skintone.
I like the formula but it’s not quite the right shade for me particularly.

The Verdict:

I’d definitely purchase the Josie Maran Matchmaker; its the smoothest, best blending, best match and gives me the best coverage.  But at $50/bottle, I’d be worried how long it might last me.  My second runner up is the Tarte BB.  At $47 it’s not much cheaper, so I guess it’s kind of a toss-up. Both gave me the coverage and smooth pretty finish I’m looking for.  Smashbox for me is third place, and the Stila came in last.

Do you have anything to add to this discussion, or have a favourite of these products?  Please add your thoughts in Comments below.

My go-to Jane Iredale mineral foundation.
My go-to Jane Iredale mineral foundation.









From Left to Right: Stila, Tarte, Josie (not rubbed in), Smashbox