Products I’m NOT Lovin’ Lately: Chanel Shadow, NARS Powder Blush

I absolutely love experimenting with new makeup.  I’ve reviewed some of my favourite products here on my blog.  I try to keep it positive, and only post things I like.  But recently I was so disappointed with 2 products I tried I thought I should share to save you chiquitas some dinero.


I purchased the Chanel Les Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow quad (Enigma colour palette).  it’s my first Chanel makeup purchase and I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with the product overall.  First thing that put me off; the cheapy inch long foam sponge “brushes”.  I used to get those in my $2 Wet n’ Wild eyeshadows in high school.  From one of most luxurious brands in the world, I expect better.


Second, the colous; while the palette was appealing, and seemed good for my colouring (and the helpful Chanel saleswoman told me it was, “one of the most popular selections”), the colours are not very pigmented.  They require a lot of laying to build up any meaningful colour.  Thirdly; the blending is not an easy feat.  I tried these shadows with and without primers, and they don’t blend well at all.  Fourth;  I found that in the case of this colour quad anyway, three of the colours are so subtly different as to look basically the same on my skin.

My fifth and last issue is the price.  This shadow quad is just over $60.  That’s a lot of money for many people.  When it comes down to it, when I pay luxury pricing for things, I expect the very best.  I expect to feel like any other product is inferior, and that I simply MUST have the better brand.  In this case, I certainly don’t.  And honestly, this will be the last Chanel cosmetic purchase I make.


My second disappointment hurts the most.  I am the BIGGEST fan of NARS Cosmetics.  The shadows are beautiful and blendable.  The Orgasm Illuminator is amazing.  The lipsticks are beautiful and supple.  And the Multiple sticks are so amazingly versatile and blendable I have 3.  So when i picked up my first powder blush, I was crushed when it became a streaky shock on my face.  The colour I selected (amour) works for me, but I just can’t get it to blend well. I’ve tried a couple different brushes, and I just cant make it work. While I’ll stick with the other NARS products I love, this will likely be my last powder blush for a while.


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