Product Face-Off: Battle of the Dry Shampoos

I find it’s a timesaver in the mornings.  Dry shampoo has become a beauty staple of mine, because it can extend the life of a wash by several days.  Washing my hair less often (followed up with a blow-dry and flat-iron) also means my hair is healthier.  I have a favourite dry shampoo, but have recently been expanding my horizons, and dallying with other brands, just to make sure I’m not missing anything.
This time I tried 3: 
Cake Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Extract

Loreal Everstyle Energizing Dry Shampoo
Cake Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo
Properties:  a loose powder, comes tinted in a light brown, smells nice, if a bit sweet
The Application:  you need to shake it onto your roots.  It can be a bit tricky to get it in just the spot you need it, and it can spill and creat a dust cloud if you miss your hair.  But it brushes through easily
The Wash:  Seems to give a good clean finish.  I actually like the brownish-beige tint to it, as I’ve had some white powders leave my hair looking quite grey (embarrassingly so)
The Verdict: A pretty good product.  My biggest beef is with the awkward packaging.  For one, it doesn’t travel well; you can’t pack it and not have it coat your makeup bag with a fine dust.  I also find it awkward to get into the roots.  Especially having tried some other products with a pointed applicator tip for powder which gives you a lot more control, and often comes with a cap.
Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Extract
Properties: A powdery aerosol, no tint, and largely unscented.
The Application:  sprays easily into the roots.  While it’s powdery, it doesn’t leave a film, or a white dust on the hair.
The Wash: You only need a little of this fluffy spray to go a long way on cleaning your hair.  Gives a great clean with minimal effort.  Works even better if you leave it in a few minutes then brush it out.
The Verdict: One of my beauty go-tos.  It’s portable, works well, and is relatively inexpensive compared to some of the dry shampoos you’ll find at Sephora.  And it’s available in the drug store. 
Loreal Everstyle Energizing Dry Shampoo
Properties: An aerosol spray, without talc.
The Application:  sprays easily into the roots.  No residue at all.  Takes a lot of spraying before it feels like you’ve covered your head.
The Wash: I was excited to try this version of dry shampoo without the powder.  But it reminded me more of hairspray.  It wasn’t sticky, but it did have that smell.  And I found it weird not really being able to see where I was applying it. Of all the dry shampoos I’ve used, I find this one just ‘feels’ like it gives me the least amount of clean.
The Verdict: My least favourite of all the trials.  I guess it worked ok.  But I didn’t really feel like it got my hair as clean as the Klorane.  It’s cheap, but not so much that I’d buy it over the Klorane either.
My PICK:  Klorane gives me the best clean, for the best price.  It’s easily available, has a very neutral scent that’s not too cloying and not chemically.  Its powdery formula doesn’t leave a residue, yet still feels like it’s absorbing more oil.  And it doesn’t take a lot of this to have a great cleaning effect.  Plus it’s portable, and comes in mini sizes for travel.

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