Who Knew? Calgary Alberta Used to have a Streetcar Network.

Who Knew? Calgary Alberta Used to have a Streetcar Network.

Photo from University of Calgary

Photo from University of Calgary

Calgary is potentially going back to the past to bring us to the future. Discussions are un derway to revive an old streetcar line that used to exist in the 1940’s.  It was upgraded after World War II.

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“Many such systems were old and outdated, especially in regards to the cars and track. Rather than upgrade what was seen as old fashioned technology, a city could save some money and reuse some of the in-place electrical infrastructure and run modern trolley buses instead. This was a natural progression. Reuse what you had, stick with proven electrical technology and it would be win-win. (Bigdoer.com)

This is what Calgary’s Streetcar network used to look like.

Calgary-1945 streetcar

Map from tundria.com


























In fact, you can still see one of the old cars at Heritage Park.

erin streetcar

Photo: ErinLYYC













I snapped these photos of old photos of a streetcar crash in Calgary in a friend’s apartment building where they’re displayed:






















Photo of caption card for the displayed photos.

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  1. Montgomery Burt on May 9, 2014 at 12:14 am


    Totally cool! I used to live in Calgary and I didn’t know that.

    The old is new again. It’s hard, though, to get Albertans out of their cars and onto public transit.

    Take care

    Monty >>