Your Camper is a Wimpy Baby, Compared to the Powerful Swiss-Army-Style UEV-440

uevIt’s official.  I may just give up my tent.  But not for any ordinary camper.  The UEV-440 is the ultimate Urban Escape Vehicle.

“The UEV-440 is a true Jack of all trades, it offers the maneuverability and capability of a camper trailer as well as caravan benefits such as a hard roof, sides and floor,” says the company that builds it, “The 440 has a number of sleeping arrangements to suit both couples and families.
With luxuries such as diesel hot water system, interior heating, air-conditioning, microwave, shower, fridge/freezer, full kitchen complete with cutlery and crockery and even a flat screen DVD player you will fall in love with this truly ultimate off-road camper.”

Not to mention the bar area, and luxury sleeping quarters, all packed into a trailer you could easily pull down a mountain.  No kidding.



Check out this amazing video I can’t get enough of.





The compartmentalization of this trailer is insane.  Almost every side and panel folds out.  There’s awnings, stone/mud guards, and plenty of space for luggage, if that’s how you roll.

This unit is the ultimate in cool, functional durability. Check out their brochure on their website.


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