Found on the Internet: Photos Document Abandoned Suitcases from 125-Year-Old Psych Center

Willard Suitcases / Anna B ©2013 Jon Crispin ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Jon Crispin Photo

I really love exploring abandoned or ruined buildings. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something thrilling about feeling like you’ve rediscovered a place left behind long ago. That’s probably why I’m really interested in this post I found on the interwebnets today: Compelling Photos Document the Contents of Abandoned Suitcases from a 125-Year-Old Psychiatric Center.

Jon Crispin photo
Jon Crispin photo

A photographer, Jon Crispin,  has taken amazing photos of the contents of old suitcases left abandoned when a 125 year old insane anylum closed up. A couple of the photos (All photos shown here are by Jon Crispin) are here so you can get an idea of this fantastically creative project. Please go to the project’s website Willard Suitcases for the whole collection.

He’s also on WordPress, so give him a follow!

Jon Crispin photo.
Jon Crispin photo.

Use your technology to de-stress!

stressMany parents are already preparing for back to school. Some children will need afterschool care, and some kids are heading to college, so the dorm room has to be outfitted properly.These things take time. Back to school is always a crazy time of year.  Demands are suddenly pressing, traffic picks up (or should I say jams up), and everyone in the family needs something new.  

Someone once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” Why not tap into that magic, by using technology to make yourself more time, make life easier, and allow it to help you de-stress?

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Tech Review: Monster headphones by adidas

adidas in ear 1

There’s been a lot of news rocking the headphone world lately.  Apple paid $3 billion for Dr Dre’s Beats company, hopefully doing away for good with Apple’s ineffective and uncomfortable thimble-in-your-ear sound delivery system for good. Wireless headphones are coming on the scene and wearable tech is all the buzz, meaning in the future you might be able to do more than just listen to music with your buds. At the same time, we’re demanding more style from our cranium speakers, making them a reflection of our style more than ever now, not just utilitarian electronics-company add-ons.

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Use your technology to de-stress!

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 8.22.13 PMBack to school can be a stressful time.  You need school supplies, jazzy lunch ideas, and new clothes for the kids, not to mention you’re already working hard, and have zero free time.  How can you get some of those precious minutes and even hours back?  Let tech do the heavy lifting for you.  There are some great gadgets and products from Future Shop that can help you de-stress this time of year. Read the full article –including top picks — here!