Creepy Travel: Would you go into Jacob’s Well?

Carl Griffin/HotSpot Media
Carl Griffin/HotSpot Media

Perusing the internet this morning, and I came across an amazing site; a very old natural well, that is filled with water, with a shaft that dives deep into the earth. 

Jacob’s Well, as it’s called, has no visible bottom, and is loaded along its edges with caverns and crevasses. This type of formation is known as a Karstic Spring.  That means is has a large opening to deep underground drainage system via caves.

Located in Wimberley, Texas, Jacob’s Well is connected to an underground spring, which has flowed almost forever.  But there’s concern now about this rare attraction, as its water level has been dropping, and several times in the last few years, it’s actually stopped flowing altogether.


While photos have a way of making it look like it’s rather massive, the well is actually quite narrow.  While divers have delved deep into its depths, the well has claimed more than its fair share of victims.  People have gotten stuck in crevasses or caverns underwater, or stirred up sitly gravel below, resulting in them becoming lost of disoriented.


Like so many of the world’s great places, Jacob’s Well is beautiful, but also dangerous.


Photos courtesy: Trip Advisor, Amazing Places on Earth, NatureImg, and Daily Mail

Amazing Places on Earth
Amazing Places on Earth

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