The winner of the Ring Video Doorbell from Ring and Tech Talk!

I’d like to congratulate winner Gerda Cones! <applause!> Gerda is getting one Ring Video Doorbell, courtesy of Ring.

Please watch the blog for upcoming contests and giveaways.  And if you have any ideas for upcoming tech segments, blogs, or products you’re wondering about, please reach out and make a request.  Some of my best ideas come from YOU!

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49 thoughts on “The winner of the Ring Video Doorbell from Ring and Tech Talk!

  1. Saw the video ring doorbell your presentation got me very interested. Hope I win !!!
    Key word is Ashling ?? Not sure about the spelling .my cell number is 587 xxxxxxx

  2. You always have helpful tips. I personally liked the one about fitbits.

    And the one about the ring doorbell with Aisling

  3. Hi Erin, What a neat idea, the video doorbell. Thank you for showing us about it. BTW – the keyword is Ashley.

  4. Morning Erin, I am a new viewer. I really enjoyed the segment and found the info really interesting. As a country dweller, any device to help with security is most welcome. I will definitely be watching again. Keep up the good work.
    Keyword Aisling

  5. your talk with ASHLEY, this morning was very informative, having one of these video door bells would be a great safety feature for a women to have, not just women but anyone with any security issues.

  6. Video Doorbell…. A very cool gadget !! Love technology 🙂 and so does the brunette on the CTV morning show…Aisling 🙂

  7. Love your gagets and monthly segment on CTV! I’m single and this would be a great assistant, especially with all the break-ins in our neighborhood of late!

    Keyword: Aisling!

  8. This is an awesome idea and I would love to have this feature and be one of the first to have my very own Ashring device!!!

  9. HI ERIN
    Thank you for your review – this is a great product – especially that we cannot see out to our front door (no windows!) until we open it.
    Tech on!

  10. Thank you for apprising me of this cool gadget! Your blogs are very good at keeping me up to speed for new technological items in the market. In particular, the door bell you described on CTV Morning Live is certainly something that would be useful and functional.

    Keep them coming!


  11. Hi Erin
    Great piece this morning as always.
    I’d love to win a Ring Video doorbell so my wife and I can see the kids getting home from school!
    Oh and the keyword is Aisling 😉

  12. This doorbell looks so cool! I would be ding-dang-dong excited to own one! Thanks Erin! And of course: Aisling!

  13. Hey, Erin, I would really like to win that Video doorbell so I can keep in touch with my wife when I am working outside. What a great idea although I’m not sure what she will think when I keep ringing the doorbell…lol. Thanks to you and Ashley.

  14. I saw your interview with Aisling on CTV Morning Live Calgary talking about the Ring Video Doorbell. It’s about time something like this came along!

  15. I have just discovered your Blog Erin – I’m intrigued! Your segment on CTV this morning was great! I LOVE the Ring Video Doorbell concept – so cool! Wishing I had more time to peruse your Blog – however it’s off to work I go! I know what I will be reading tonight though!

  16. the ring video doorbell is a pretty awesome gadgets for the home, i would like to win one for myself #ashley

  17. Thank-you for finding this great video doorbell ringer and sharing it! I always tell my kids not to answer the door if I decide not to speak to a sales person..but they always run to the door and make lots of noise… The key word for a chance to win this ringer is Aisling. Thanks, Dave

  18. win a Ring Video Doorbell, Hi Erin, I love the idea of a Video Doorbell, since we do not have a doorbell and cannot always hear someone knocking. Not only for security reasons but also since I have arthritis and spend most of my time in our sun room at the rear of our mobile home, this would allow me to see who is at our door and give me the option of talking to that person without having to get up
    Keyword is Aisling

  19. Saw your report on the Ring Video Doorbell this morning, really enjoyed the live testing of the product and all the extra features the device has compared to a regular doorbell.

    Entering the Ring Video Doorbell using the keyword: Aisling

  20. I really like you showing products that I wouldn’t find myself. I don’t want the doorbell for myself{male},but for my daughter who just got divorced and lives with her two young daughters on a rural acreage. Thank you.

  21. I love watching your segments! ( keeps me up to date with these techs things 🙂 )

  22. The Ring Video Doorbell is a terrific idea and would certainly be a good tool in managing door knocks/rings.

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