If you don’t know Goatstigram, you’re missing the best of the internet

If you don’t know Goatstigram, you’re missing the best of the internet

goatstigram3We all know baby animals are adorable.  After all, small creatures doing cute things make people (and YouTube) a lot of money and garners millions of views online.

No surprise then that an Instagram account featuring nothing but goats is gaining popularity. “Goatstigram” has more than 15,000 followers (at the time I’m writing this) of its adorable posts featuring a small but spunky cast of pygmy goats named Blackie, Whitey, Kendall and the mischievous Kevin.goatstigram2

My sisters introduced me to Goatstigram’s feed which features short videos and photos.  While some pictures are just downright adorable, it’s the videos of hilariously benign goat scraps, twisty leaps, I’ve-fallen-and-I-can’t-get-up spills, as well as what can only be described as goatnastics that have made me laugh until I cry.

Yes, I usually write about technology, but we all have hobbies, and for the last several months mine has been watching the @Goatstigram antics. I love this account so much, I thought I needed to see what’s behind the curtain, so to speak.  So I tracked down Quinn, who runs the account, and owns the goats.

Erin: Why did you want goats? Where did you get the goats?

baby whitey and blackieQuinn: I have a good friend Karl, who had two goats, Slasher and Jens.  Growing up he would take them to football games, for walks on leashes, they would butt heads, and most importantly munch on their grass. He was really trying to convince me to get goats. Funny, odd little pets, and not having to mow my lawn? Sounded interesting.  At the same time, as it turned out, I got in touch with some friends I hadn’t seen for years and they raise goats too! They told me if I ever had to leave town, I could just bring my goats over for a play date with their goats.

I ended up going online to the local classifieds and started looking for baby goats because they looked really adorable.

first morning home

Quinn’s favourite photo: Blackie and Whitey on their first morning home.

I found an amazing lady about 60 miles away that had some purebred pygmy goats.  Her goats are top notch, registered, great blood lines… and sell quickly. I put my name on the waiting list for the next babies being born. Sure enough she gave me a call one day and I drove up to see the babies.  I instantly fell in love.  The babies have to stay with the mother for a few months before I could take them home. I visited them almost every week until I could take them home.  These were the first pets I ever had!  I learned a lot about goats, safety, how to care for them, and this wonderful lady helped me a lot too.  So I built some fences, made the play area, and the rest is history.  They are so much fun and I love them to death.

EL: Where did the names come from, I guess Blackie and Whitey are obvious…so particularly “Kevin”?


scared of me

Blackie & Whitey; two little scaredy cats when Quinn first got them.

Q: After I had Blackie and Whitey for a while, I wanted to grow the family. I gave my goat lady a call, and got Kevin as a baby. When it came time to name Kevin, my friend Karl had compiled a list of goat names for me to consider. Names like “Apple” or “Monkey” or “Chupacabra” or even “Grand Old Flag” and in my humble opinion, none of those names really connected with this sweet baby goat.  I had another friend suggest the name “Kevin” after accompanying me up to the goat farm.  I thought it was a little atypical, an honestly a strange name for a baby goat.

The next logical step was to call Karl to talk about potential names, and I mentioned someone suggested Kevin.

He said, “Kevin?!?  Could you imagine, Whitey, Blackie…(typical goat names)….and KEVIN?!?”

We both started laughing and couldn’t stop for about an hour thinking about the name Kevin for a baby goat. Now I think it is possibly the best name ever and nothing fits little Kevin better.

Everyone forgets about Kendall, and I think she is the most underrated goat I have.  She was named after one of my best friends.  Kendall has the best style when jumping, she is really active and super fun.

What made you want to start sharing the goats’ antics?

first winter

I had been sharing the goats on my private, personal Instagram account for about 8 months.  My personal account became about 90% goat pictures and videos. I have a few close friends and family members that told me that I needed to make a goat only account. They said my videos were awesome and I just had to share them with the world.  I became convinced when some friends said their favorite activity as a family, was to go back and watch and re-watch my goat videos every Sunday night. At that point I decided to go for it and started Goatstigram.  I think the goats, to a small extent, spread a little joy in the world.  That is why I share.

(Regarding the photo above) When Whitey and Blackie had been at my house for 3 months, we had a very cold December with temperatures down to 10 degrees Farenheit at night.  I bought some blankets and they cuddled right up!
EL: I’ve seen Kevin riding in the car but are the goats allowed into your home?

Q: I don’t have the goats come in the house because they don’t control their bowels, so I’m staying away from that one.  But, I will sometimes go into other people’s homes and have Kevin on my lap in a blanket.

I take Kevin on car rides because he is so small and easy to transport, and he always stays right by me on his leash!  We go hiking, to parties, camping, etc… When he gets big and I have to put him in a carrier in the truck bed, I will take him less places.

EL: Are you on any other social media or web platforms with the goats? Any plans to expand?

Q: If by expand you mean more baby goats… then YES!  Right now I am only actively on Instagram. No other plans, but who knows! It is super fun knowing my kids make people smile and laugh all across the world. I’m thrilled I have such a fun way to share.

EL : One last question, and since I’m usually writing about technology, it’s tech related: Have you ever thought of getting a GoPro camera for the goats to wear? You could make some pretty interesting videos.  You could call them “GoatPro” videos! What do you think?

Q: I have the goatpro!!!  I actually did it a few months back, and the footage was a bit shakey, and didn’t generate much response on my Instagram, so I haven’t done any more.  I need to refine the mount system a bit.  I actually prefer and use Replay cameras.  They have some awesome features.

Don’t forget to follow Whitey, Blackie, Kendall and Kevin (and Quinn behind the camera) on Instagram “@Goatstigram” .

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