High tech home security

High tech home security

ERIN FEB 2On CTV’s Tech Talk this month, we looked at options for keeping your home and yard safe using several high tech wireless devices.

Dog & Bone Padlocks

 I can’t say enough about how easy these locks are to set up and to use.  Whether you choose the bigger more heavy-duty version, or the lighter, silicone covered padlock, they pair instantly, and are super responsive to signals from your smartphone.  You can add uses and give permission so anyone from visitors, to workmen can access your yard, shed, garage or anywhere you need to keep secure.  You can also get lists of who opened the locks and when, meaning you can keep tabs on teens accessing sports equipment, or neighbours borrowing tools.

Noke Padlock

 Who hasn’t momentarily forgotten their combination on a padlock at the gym, the back gate, or on the shed? I’ve misplaced (or outright lost, forever) the key to the padlock on my bike, meaning I need to both buy a new one, and find some bolt cutters to take care of business.

Now, a new product out from Fuz Designs (they made the really cool felted case I featured on CTV Morning Live and the blog not long ago!) shows that you no longer need those keys, or your faulty memory to open a padlock! Check out the 3 minute video of how Noke Digital Lock works: either with your smartphone or a Morse Code-like series of long and short clicks. Click here to read my full review of the Noke.

Kevo Smart Door Lock

kevo-Smart-LockKeys are so 2012! These days, keeping your home safe means going key-free and using your smartphone to lock and unlock your door . The Kevo smart deadbolt lock pairs with your phone, and has access you can share with others in the family, or temporarily with workers, housekeepers, babysitters, etc. The lock pairs easily with phones and unlike some others, is fuss free; I experienced no disconnections and no delays in opening and closing.

MiPow Garden Light

 Need more light in your yard, driveway or walkway? Don’t fuss with wires, stakes or unreliable dollar store solar spikes. Get outdoor lighting that’s versatile, and that works.  MiPow’s Garden lights will change colour, and can be moved anywhere to give you outdoor light where you need it. They’re solar powered and water resistant and once charged can run for 20 hours. You can also group several of these lights together via the MiPow smartphone app, and adjust, control and even dim them from your phone.

Smanos Wireless Home Security System

w020Gone are the days you need a technician to install a home security system. Today, systems are much more streamlined, don’t need a landline, and allow you the flexibility to customize, since there are no wires running all over the home.

Smanos home security bundle (W020) has an HD video camera, 2 door and window sensors, a remote control and the main hub. To install, you connect the hub to your home’s Wi-Fi, then add individual components to the system, such as the sensors, and the camera.  The system connects to your smart phone, and allows you control over it, as well as access to the video stream.

Then it’s as simple as checking your smartphone if you recieve an alert. You can arm, disarm or view what’s happening inside the home via the camera, then take whatever action is required; dismiss the alarm or call in the cavalry.

Win a Smanos Home Security System!

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