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There were so many great gadgets through my tech test center this year. I picked just a few as some of my most favourite for 2016.  Be sure to check out my longer “Top 10 tech gifts” list too.

dec-tech-talk-3To enter the Tech Talk contest, scroll down for instructions/rules.

img_5853iRobot Roomba 980 robot vacuum

I have a robot vacuum and I now can’t live without it.  It keeps pet hair at bay easily, and it can be scheduled to sweep up when no one is home. The new 980 model has improved carpet cleaning abilities, a more powerful motor and can better navigate around your home, and it’s all controlled with your smartphone.  Read my full test and review here.

Google Pixel XL phone

img_6270Normally a die-hard Apple user, I love love love how easy this phone is for me to adapt to.  It’s slick and slim and fast, with a fantastic camera and an array of apps. The vibrating haptic touch feature is neat (I don’t have it on my iPhone 6+). Plus, Google probably hates me saying this, but this phone looks and feels similar to the iPhone so that makes the transition ultra easy. Read my full review and watch the video here.

Google Daydream View virtual reality headset

Before now, I haven’t felt as though virtual reality is for me. But I like to say the Google Daydream View virtual reality headset is for ‘real people,’ not just gamers.

img_6703Daydream View is Google’s virtual reality (VR) headset.  It’s essentially a pair of goggles that fits over your head to immerse you in a virtual world.

It pairs with a hand-held controller that can be used as a wand, a baseball bat, or any object you might need in your new virtual world. The headset itself is not powered or electrified in any way, so it’s completely cord-free. The viewing images come from your phone, and there are a host of ‘real world’ applications for it, like virtual tourism (check out your vacation rental) or real estate.

I had lots to say about the Daydream View. How does it work and what can you do with it?  Check out my review.

Google Live cases for Pixel phone

google-cases-jpgGoogle has teamed up with some cool Canadian artists on cases for the Pixel phones.

The collaboration with EN MASSE, a Montreal-based art collective has created these cool and vibrantly bold black and white cases for Pixel and Pixel XL.

The cases come with companion matching ‘live wallpaper’ which you can rotate between among the entire set of designs. Red more about the cases here or watch a quick video here.

Fitbit Alta with gold & silver bracelets

FITBIT ALTA ONEI love my Fitbit. It’s my number one preferred activity tracker by a longshot. It’s accurate, and can be configured to your stride. Plus the new Alta is much more like jewelry than like a traditional band.

I love that you can get the Alta in nice finishes and trick it out with either leather or metal bands that look chic. There’s a gold version or a silver one, and these would make great gifts for someone who’s already an Alta owner. Or you can pair the upgraded metal bangle with a new tracker.

I did extensive testing in my review with the Fitbit Alta which you can read here.

Google Chromecast video streamerchromecast

I can’t live without streaming TV. So much so, I have a streamer on every TV. Google’s Chromecast is a small dongle that has the power to stream Netflix, YouTube and dozens of other content channels. The easy to use interface makes finding and playing your favourite shows easy, and since you control the device using your cell phone as the remote control, you’ll probably never lose it in the sofa!

Foreo Luna Complete & Customizable Cleansing Collection Gift Pack

The Foreo Luna is a skin cleansing device, which uses ultrasonic waves to help clean your skin more thoroughly.

There are different styles of Luna from very smooth to a more obvious silicone bristle. The Luna mini 2 is the one included in our prize pack.

Foreo says the Luna with its “unique combination of  T-sonic pulsations  with silicone touch points will gently exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pores of make up residue as well as 99.5% of dirt and oil, enhancing the absorption of your other skin care products”.

It also makes claims that using this device will reduce the signs of aging, by offering “lower frequency pulsations that when applied to wrinkle prone areas reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles”, and makes skin look firmer.

“The LUNA mini 2 is an enhanced T-Sonic™ facial-cleansing brush with eight adjustable intensities for a fully customizable cleansing experience, according to Foreo. “Pair it with the included Day and Night Cleansers and watch the cleansers’ textures change for the ultimate clean in one minute flat.”

I’ve been enjoying ultrasonic cleansing; read all about it on the blog here.

Winner Lindsey B with her prize!

*THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Congrats to winners: Rhonda Malinowski, Lindsay Bromley, Jackie Thomson & Marc Norberg

Today I’m giving away:

1 Google Chromecast Ultra

1 Foreo Luna Complete & Customizable Cleansing Kit gift pack

1 Rubik’s Spark toy

1 Google Live case (fits only Pixel XL)

How to enter:
The contest is now closedNOTE – You must be able to come to CTV Calgary studios to claim your prize.

Post a comment below (hopefully a nice one!) and don’t forget to use today’s keyword provided on TV (Hint: tell me which item you’d MOST like to win) .

You may enter once per day for the next THREE days. (Yes, you can pick a different item by entering on different days) Contest closes at 11:59pm MT Thursday DECEMBER 15th, 2016. One entry per person, per day. Duplicate/additional entries on the same day will be discarded.

tech-talk-2The Fine Print:

I’ll pick one winner for each available prize at random from among all the website entries. Only 1 entry per person, per day please; duplicate entries will be discarded. Winners must be able to come to CTV Calgary studios to claim their prize within 30 days from today.

I’ll get in touch with the winner via email address, which is supplied on login or signup in order to post a comment. Winner must respond to my email within 24 hours. If I do not receive a response/acknowledgement of the win, your entry is forfeited/discarded and I’ll redraw under same 24 hour timeframe until I get a winner to acknowledge.

Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. Not valid in Quebec. Contest is open only to residents of Calgary and area, as winners must be able to come to CTV Calgary studios to claim their prize.

Erinlyyc.Com bears no responsibility for prizes not delivered, delayed or misdirected, or not claimed after 30 days. Prize has no cash value. Both the manufacturers and the public relations agencies have the right to substitute a similar prize in the event one or more items becomes unavailable, so the prizes may not be exactly as shown.

Winner’s name(s) Will be posted to this website and/or social media after the drawing.

If for any reason the internet portion of the contest is not capable of running as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures or any other causes beyond the control of this website which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this contest, erinlyyc reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any individual who tampers with the entry process, and to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the contest. Prize may not be exactly as show in accompanying photographs. Prizes are supplied to by a third party, as such bears no responsibility for prizes delayed, misdirected, adjusted, substituted, or otherwise not supplied.

By entering this contest, you must supply an email address to You may receive future content emails from us, and you may opt out of these emails at any time by following the unsubscribe procedures contained within. By entering this contest you agree you have read and accept the rules and are to abide by them.





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123 thoughts on “Top tech gift picks

  1. I’d love the Rubix for my son! He just recently started playing with them and this would be fantastic under the tree!

  2. great segment on the show today!! showed me lots of great things on there. I would really enjoy the Luna gift pack. always wanted to try that!

  3. Hi Erin. Thanks for your gift ideas on ctv morning live this morning. That google chromecast looks pretty cool. That would be fun to get!

  4. I love your segments on CTV . (Note to self do not use the irobot to clean my table. LOL

    I would love to win the Foreo Luna gift pack 😀

  5. I would really like the fitbit. I have had triple bypass heart surgery & I am very conscious about exercise, I would like to have a way to monitor my daily activity.

  6. Love the segment! I’m sure anyone would adore any of the goodies you’re giving away. Thanks for checking out the Roomba: I have kats and have been thinking about getting one.

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    I saw your segment on CTV this morning. I would love to win the Foreo Luna gift pack. It sounds like an excellent product.


    Heather L Hurl

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  13. So my 7 year old nephew dressed up as a Rubiks Cube for Halloween this year. I would love to win the Rubiks Spark toy for him for Christmas 🙂 Fingers-crossed 🙂 Thanks!

  14. Good Morning Erin, I do enjoy your reviews of the tech products. The item I would love to have would be Google Chromecast.

  15. Foreo Luna Gift Pack – since I moved to Calgary I had to change my face/skin routine due to the climate and I feel like no matter what I do my skin still doesn’t feel the same and this would be perfect to use to get my skin back to how it used to feel!!

  16. Enjoyed seeing the great giveaways today. What a treat it would be to have a Foreo Luna gift pack.

  17. Love your segments on CTV morning. You make tech fun for the non-techie!
    Key word: I would love to win the Google Chromecast Ultra

  18. Google chromecast ultra! As always, I enjoyed your Tech Talk segment on CTV news this morning. Very informative. Happy Holidays!

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  24. Hi Erin,

    Great review of Christmas Items. Good to know that the Roomba does not work on tables, i would have considered using it after a Christmas dinner lol

    I would love the Chromecast Ultra, to be able to project my cellphone screen for the holidays to share pictures with my family and friends.

    Great review and i look forward to seeing more of your posts

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  31. I love this segment on ctv morning live. I hope to win the Google Chrome cast so that I can give it as a Christmas Present.

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