IllumiBowl motion-activated toilet night light review

IllumiBowl motion-activated toilet night light review

This light couldn’t be more fun and functional.  IllumiBowl’s toilet night light is just that; a way for you to find your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, without the need to turn on harsh bright overhead lighting.
An alert reader asked me to check this light out and I have to say that while initially I thought it was kind of silly, now I love it.

illumibowl toilet night light motionHow does IllumiBowl work?

The light is battery powered with 3 AAA batteries and is obviously water resistant. It’s got a built in light and motion sensor so that when you approach the bathroom, the light will turn on on its own, and cycle through several fun colours. You can also select one specific colour or adjust brightness too.

Once the motion stops, the light powers down again to conserve battery life.

Will IllumiBowl fit my toilet?

You may be wondering how the light attaches to your toilet and if you need special tools or adapters.  The answer is no. The light box hold the batteries and the motion sensor and this is placed outside the bowl, aimed at the door. The light itself is attached to a flexible arm you simply bend to fit over the rim of your bowl. You won’t even need tools!illumibowl toilet night light motion

The light senses darkness levels so it will only turn on at night, when it sees motion.

In my testing I found the light worked perfectly, every time. I was impressed with the sensitivity of the light sensor and the motion detector. The motion sensor would often pick up my movement from the end of the hall — about 10 feet or more away, and then turn the light on. By the time I reached the bathroom, my way was already lit.

illumibowl toilet night light motionWhy would I need a toilet nightlight?

If you’re wondering why you might need a toilet night light, the answer probably is that you don’t NEED one.  But it’s one of those gadgets that’s actually so helpful once you have it.

For the men, it’s a nice way to keep the aim on target without having to turn on blinding lights at night. For us ladies, it’s just nice to have some colourful light to softly show us the way. For kids, it’s absolutely brilliant since it’s both helpful and fun for them to look at.

How to I clean IllumiBowl?

The light wipes easily with a cloth and some gentle cleaner.

Overall review of IllumiBowl toilet night light

illumibowl toilet night light motionThis gadgets is the toy I didn’t know I needed in my house.  It’s become indispensable to our routines.  Since I work early in the morning, and often get up at 3am, having this soft light to ease me into the day is kind of fun and makes me smile when I wake up and walk into the bathroom.

My husband says he finds it very handy too, and our guests all have a good laugh when they walk into the bathroom at dinner parties, then they all want to know where they can buy one. I’m getting a bunch of these to give as gifts this year.

IllumiBowl is $12.99USD (regular $14.99) from IllumiBowl. They do ship to Canada!

illumibowl toilet night light motion

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