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Tree tents – Reviewing Tentsile Connect suspension tent

tentsile tent air suspended tree

I’d first seen this futuristic space age style tent on someone’s Instagram post. It was slung in an impossibly strange place hovering over a body of water, strapped inexplicably to some trees. It was a tent, but looked like a type of hovering spacecraft. I had to know more about what this crazy contraption was.

I learned eventually that what I saw was a Tensile tent and ever since I’ve been dying to give one a try.

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Review: Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link fan, heater & air purifyer

Tired of lugging the fan from storage every summer & bringing out a rattling, stinky smelling heater in winter? Dyson’s Pure Hot+Cool Link is the all-in-one device that can solve all your home heating & cooling issues, and it purifies the air too. Check out the review to see if it’s worth its hefty price tag.

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Philips Airfryer review

Deep fried food is good, but it’s so unhealthy. A new kitchen device promises deep fried flavour &crispness without fat &calories. Meet Philips Airfryer.

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The evening bag that charges your phone; MightyPurse review

Tired of running out of power on your big night out? This smart evening bag has a power bank built in. Made of the softest leather, MightyPurse is a great bag on its own, but add in the fact it can keep you going for a whole evening and it’s worth adding to your handbag repertoire.

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