How to talk to Philips Hue & Google Home

How to talk to Philips Hue & Google Home

We’ve been looking at just how easy it can be to run smart gadgets in your house using Google Home. Philips Hue lights are one of the compatible systems that work with Google Home allowing you to ‘talk’ to your smart Hue lights. Here’s exactly how to talk to your Google Home and Philips Hue bulbs.

What to say to Google Home for Philips Hue light control

google home philips hue smart light how to what to sayControlling your Philips Hue lights using Google Home is simple and easy. You just need to make sure you know the lingo. Fortunately Google Home speaks plain English (and French!), so just ask for exactly what you want when it comes to commands for Philips Hue lights. (And a special thank you to Philips Hue for sponsoring this post)

Google Home is, of course a smart speaker and digital assistant that you talk to. Read more about it here in my recent review.

Whether you’re using the Hue Go lamp, the Lightstrip Plus, or the White & Colour Ambiance bulbs, you can get Google started by saying ‘Hey’ or ‘OK’. The device is always listening for you, unless you turn its microphone off.

Commands for Philips Hue lights using Google Home

• To turn Philips Hue light on/off: “OK Google, turn on/off [light name].”
• Dim or brighten a light: “OK Google, dim/brighten the [light name].”
• Set a specific Hue light brightness level: “OK Google, set [light name] to 25%.”
• Dim or brighten lights: “OK Google, dim/brighten [light name] by 50%.”
• Change the colour of a light: “OK Google, turn [light name] purple.”
• Turn lights in a specific room on/off: “OK Google, turn on/off lights in [room name].”
• Turn all lights in the house on/off: “Hey Google, turn on/off all of the lights.”

There’s no secret language, no magic or special spells needed. Just ask for what you want from your Philips Hue lights and Google Home will deliver it.

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Special thanks to Philips Hue for sponsoring this post.


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