Sage Wellness essential oil diffuser review

Sage Wellness essential oil diffuser review

We adjust the temperature in our homes with heaters and fans, but how often do we give a thought to the air we breathe?

I’ve recently been trying out some essential oil diffusers and it’s made me think about how nice it is to have lightly scented, humidified air in the house. It’s the kind of thing I probably wouldn’t seek out, but now that I’ve tried diffusing, I miss it when it’s not on in the home.

Saje Wellness oil diffuser review

saje sage wellness oil diffuser reviewSaje Natural Wellness recently sent me a small oil diffuser-humidifier that I’ve had a chance to try out and I’m becoming a convert.

The diffuser uses ordinary tap water and converts it to a cool mist. You can add essential oils or oil blends to the water for a light scent when the air is released.

There’s virtually no set up for this device. Just plug it in, add water and oil, and it says it should run for 6-8 hours.

I love having the light mist in the room. I wouldn’t say this particular diffuser covers a lot of square footage (the description online says it covers 100-300 square feet) so you’ll need to be fairly close to the diffuser unit to enjoy the scent. For that reason, I’d recommend placing it beside your bed, near your desk, or beside the place you sit most often.

The AromaBreeze has a very subtle LED light built into the unit. It doesn’t cast a glow, so much as it lights up the unit itself subtly. You wouldn’t be able to have this unit double as a lamp, if that might be your intention. One nice feature of this unit is that it shuts off automatically when the reservoir is empty so it won’t run unnecessarily.

How Ultrasonic diffusers work

saje sage wellness oil diffuser reviewUltrasonic diffusers work by using subtle ultrasonic or sound vibrations which are generally undetectable to humans. The sound waves shake the water at a molecular level, essentially breaking it apart and allowing it to be changed into particles which are lighter than air. Those are the particles you see escape as mist from the diffuser unit. When essential oils are added, they too break apart and are released into the air with the water creating a subtle scent.

Saje Natural Wellness AromaBreeze diffuser

Overall I’m pretty happy with this diffuser and how it works. It’s easy to set up and use and I love what it does to the air in my home.

I have found in a couple weeks of testing though, that the diffuser definitely doesn’t run for 6-8 hours.  It’s more realistically like 4-5 hours on a single tank of water. That means I need to refill it about twice as often.

I’ll say Saje’s customer service is pretty great. I sent an inquiry about the running time and the rep told me that there is likely a problem with the unit. They offered me a refund or exchange, either via mail or at a Saje store near me, no questions asked.

I really like my AromaBreeze and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an in-home diffuser.

The Saje Natural Wellness AromaBreeze sells for $74 from Saje’s website.




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