Fitbit Ionic smart watch review

Will I embrace the new Fitbit Ionic?

Admittedly, It’s been a while since I spent time with a Fitbit. I used to wear one religiously for years, and used it to track my steps, aiming daily for the recommended 10,000.

I stopped wearing it when my fitness and diet routines changed drastically and I no longer had a need to be as conscious of my step count. I stopped wearing the Fitbit because if I wasn’t tracking my movement it was unnecessary. My experience is not likely unique, and perhaps that’s why Fitbit is making their devices ever more functional – moving beyond mere step counters. The new Fitbit Ionic has smart features and a new look that makes it great for both athletic types and people who want to stay connected.

Fitbit ionic smart watch activity tracker reviewSetting up Fitbit Ionic

Setting up the Iconic is quite easy. Make sure the device is charged and then follow the instructions in the Fitbit app and you’ll be connected in no time.

I had an issue where my old account didn’t seem to like to play nicely with the new Fitbit, but I got some excellent help and advice from the Fitbit team, and got connected soon enough. If you’re finding any connection issues whatsoever or you can’t get your device set up for some reason, reach out to Fitbit support and they should be able to correct the problem.

In my case, I updated my account online on a laptop computer and the problem was fixed.

Size and design – Fitbit Ionic

I quite like the size and design of the new Ionic. It’s a little more fashion forward and trendy than the previous Fitbit Blaze smart fitness watch, which was boxy, angular and looked rather dated, in my opinion. I think the screen on the Ionic fits better with the integrated band and looks sleeker and more modern. Bottom line, this watch looks like a watch, not like a fitness device masquerading as a timepiece.

Different Fitbit band options

There are a bunch of different band options that you can get for the Ionic. Fitbit ionic smart watch activity tracker reviewThere’s the standard rubber band that comes with the device, there’s a breathable rubber honeycomb band in a few different colors, and then there’s a nicer leather option but there’s only two colours currently.

I really like the way the basic rubber band does up. The end of the wristband strap tucks neatly into little holes so it’s never flopping around or sliding out.

Clear screen, easy to read

I find the screen on the Ionic to be quite clear and well defined. When you enable the ‘lift to wake’ feature, the watch is very responsive and the screen will come to life whenever you raise your arm to look at the face.

Different face options

Fitbit ionic smart watch activity tracker reviewMuch like many smart watches today, there’s choice when it comes to which style of watch face you want to go with. Makers like Samsung offer dozens of free options, while paid versions are also available.

Fitbit has a choice of 17 different free faces (accessed in the app), ranging from a mountainscape (white numbers on snowy peak, are hard to read, but pretty) to grid-like faces with boxed info (easy to check at a glance) or even argyle prints and minimalist designs. Though the choices are limited, you can customize these faces by accessing the settings menu for each one, and adjusting the colours in a couple of them, but only after you’ve installed it as your watch face of choice.

      • How to change watch faces and colours in Fitbit Ionic
        How to change watch faces and colours in Fitbit Ionic

        • Tap Account
        • Click Clock Faces. If prompted, at the top in the slider bar, select All Clocks
        • Choose a face from the grid menu
        • Select Install (this might take a minute)
        • Return to the main grid menu and select My Clock from the top slider bar
        • To the right of the name of the clock you’ll see a small gear.
        • Click the gear and you’ll get whatever colour options are available.