These Augmented Reality apps are made in Canada

Augmented reality for smartphones is on the rise.  The AR experience is getting better and more realistic and allows users to add virtual layers to their real physical world.

Augmented reality is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are “augmented” by computer-generated or extracted real-world sensory input such as sound, video, graphics, haptics or GPS data -Wikipedia

Canadian companies are leading the way on games and productivity apps that utilize virtual reality to create hyper realistic experiences.

Thomas & Friends Minis based in Montreal
In AR mode, kids can explore the world they have created on any flat surface, looking to discover goods for Thomas & Friends to deliver.
Three friends founded Budge Studios in 2010 after seeing the market for kids apps after the first iPad release. Other games they’ve put out include Garfield and My Little Pony.
 Thomas & Friends Minis is available for free download from the App Store on iPhone or iPad, or at
magicplan based in Montreal
Create floor plans by using AR to map out your space, view 3D imagery, or furnish a home, and more. The magicplan app takes guesswork of how much flooring, wood, or paint you should buy for a DIY project. It’s also handy for professionals like realtors, designers and contractors to easily create professional floor plans.
 magicplan is available for free download from the App Store on iPhone or iPad, or at
Tsuro based in Montreal
Tsuro has been the No. 1 Board Game app in over 90 countries, and is now one of the first AR board games. The interface lets you play as if you had the actual game in front of you, along with cool pyrotechnic effects and devious AI opponents in the app.
Interestingly, Tsuro’s first AR beta was created in less than an hour while founder Dan Taylor was waiting for a taxi, and within two weeks, he had Tabletop Mode ready and released it when iOS 11 launched in September.
 Tsuro is available for download for $3.99 from the App Store on iPhone or iPad, or at
Kings of Pool Based in Toronto

Playing pool is so much better when you can look around the table and line up balls. Founded in 2009, Uken Games has launched 13 games like  Jeopardy! World Tour and Bingo Pop, but Kings of Pool is their first AR option.

Kings of Pool is available for free download from the App Store on iPhone and iPhone, or at

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